Meal Plans

Eating right is only 70% of the work

Food is the heart and soul of your body. Meal planning is centered around energy sources within food. Eating healthy is about identifying which energy sources and what portions work best for your body. Meal plans are designed for varying fitness levels and eating habits. They include suggestions for meals on the go, meal frequency and options for flexible dieting.

Our trainers are available for advice, feedback and to answer nutrition questions throughout the duration of your plan. We will contact you for a monthly check-in to ensure you have a plan that is working for you.

What is the right plan for you?

Are you new to portion control and clean eating?
Choose the Basic Plan that focuses on portion control and identifying lean proteins, healthy carbs and fats. Receive examples of meals with plenty of substitutions to meet your preferences. Once you master the basics, you can switch to the Advanced Plan.
Do you already have a grasp on portions and healthy eating habits?
Jump into our Advanced Plan. We will provide you detailed food options and sample meal suggestions with recipes. This will ensure you meet your weight loss and/or muscle building goals quickly.
Do you want to eat whatever you want and still meet your weight loss goals?
Try our Flexible Meal Plan. This plan will provide your macro-nutrients (don’t worry we will explain) to meet each day, and you choose what you will eat to meet that goal.


We believe in providing you with a meal plan that will meet your needs and educate you at the same time.