Workout Plans

So Much More Than Strength

Physical exercise is not only about getting lean and strong. It is also about releasing endorphins a.k.a. the “happy” hormones and increasing your energy and muscle endurance. Depending on if your goals are weight loss, toning or bodybuilding, research shows that you should tailor your workout regimen (types of exercises, number of sets and repetitions) to most effectively meet your specific goals.

Whether you’re working out for the first time, trying to get back into it or just want to add some variety to your established routine, we have a plan for you.

What to Expect

Basic Plan – Introductory exercises and full-body workouts
Ideal for a first time gym-goer or someone who has taken a hiatus and want to ease back into it

Get Lean Plan –  Increase muscle tone and endurance
Get an overall toned physique with a step-up from our basic plan. Incorporate cable machines, dumbbells, isolation machines, etc. into your workout

Build Mass Plan – Increase muscle size
Incorporate barbells, dumbbells, squat rack, etc.

Custom Plan –  Reach your specific goals
Specific for your needs, equipment available and time

Examples include: At-home workouts, limited equipment, time restraints

We believe in providing you with a meal plan that will meet your needs and educate you at the same time.